St. Maria di Campagna

The chapel of S. Maria in Campagnola

The first documentary news is of the year 1030. On that occasion the devotion to the oil of the well of the SS Martyrs is remembered, as recalled by the tombstone (hic ferunt condi martires). The recognition of the attraction force of the sanctuary is certainly the Council, held in the spring of 1095, during which Pope Urban II recalls Christianity on the need for intervention in the Holy Land (before officially banning the I Crusade in Clermont Ferrand).

Santa Maria di Campagna. The reconstruction of Alessio Tramello

It is due to the documentary research published by Father Andrea Corna in 1908, the discovery of the conventions for the construction of the church, stipulated on 3 April 1522, between the Compagnia dei Fabbricieri and "mastro Alesio Tramello architecto de Piasenza". The church, traditionally attributed to Bramante, ended in 1528.

Text: Valeria Poli

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